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i still haven’t watched it because I don’t think I could handle the feels - so many of my ships just dying, I could not!

basically a half of all my ships die and nothing will ever be joyful again.

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          “Play nice, Merlin,” uttered Thora as she appeared from the shadows, eyeing the age old male up.  She couldn’t prevent the smile from breaking out onto her lips though, and let it spread right over her whole face.  ”What’s got your boxers in a knot?”


      Merlin tensed for a moment, narrowing his eyes at Thora. “Give a guy a little warning before you just show up, yeah?” There was a moment of silence before he leaned against a wall and shook his head. “Don’t have to play nice when no one else will.” It wasn’t as simple as just being upset with the fact idiots were allowed to voice their opinions. No, he’s spent plenty of hearing things in passing he didn’t really care for. “I’m not a fan of how the people in this decade act is all.”

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      “There are some people in this world who deserve to lose their tongues.” And no, he didn’t remove someone’s tongue. Not yet at least. Today was just one of those days.

                                          {More like one of those centuries}

      Every little thing was getting under his skin, making him wish for nothing but absolute silence. Something he couldn’t seem to stand back in his Camelot days.

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{outofchores} Basically I suck and I left and I want to come back, but not quite yet. Soon hopefully, I’m officially declaring a Hiatus on this blog.

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I feel as if I’ve been kicked several times in the stomach, perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.

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Returning Home Verse;

It’s been ten years since Senior Graduation, since Silas was stopped ,since Elena rejoined the world of emotions and since the vampires getting out of town. The vampires decided to take their leave in hopes them not being there anymore would bring peace back to Mystic Falls. Some swore never to return, some just wanted a few hundred years away and some found themselves new homes- like the Originals who took over New Orleans. All it took was a car accident to bring them running back. Bonnie called Elena, Caroline and Stefan to tell them of the death of Matt Donovan. Stefan called Rebekah, feeling she had the right to know since she had a connection to him when she lived in Mystic. Elena called Damon to tell him of the news as well. Rebekah decided it was time to go back for one final goodbye and her brothers followed her more out of curiosity then anything else. Damon was to come back to comfort Elena one last time. With the funeral a week away, how long will they stay in Mystic?

Open Characters:

Stefan Salvatore

Klaus Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson

Taken Characters:

Bonnie Bennett - witchyjuju

Caroline Forbes - youcanxbesaved

Rebekah Mikaelson- mikaelsonsister

Damon Salvatore - sadistic-facade

Elena Gilbert - elenapetrovafire

[Any characters not mentioned in the plot or on open list are available. Just message me if you would like to play one of those characters not mentioned here. Also message me if you would like to play one of the open characters. What your character has been up to in the last ten years is really up to you, just let me know so I can add it to a page later on when the verse starts. If you have an interest in playing Matt Donovan as a ghost that is fine, just let me know. Any other questions you have I would be happy to answer.]

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